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Churches, Cultures & Leadership – chapter 10

Posted by Mark Lau Branson on May 11, 2011

Chapter 10 – “Leading Change” – is rooted in the preceding chapters concerning cultural boundary-crossing. The usual priorities for pastors tend to focus on providing pastoral care, preaching, and programs for those who are already in the church and others who are “like us.” Our focus on following God into the diverse environments of our neighborhoods requires other frameworks and competencies for pastoral leadership. I use an extended case study for rethinking this work. I am not providing a model or road but new ways of engaging members and neighbors. Have you seen examples of how pastors engaged adaptive challenges? Are there approaches here that seem especially attractive or jarring?


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Churches, Cultures & Leadership – Pt II

Posted by Mark Lau Branson on May 5, 2011

The resources of cultural anthropology are helpful for those who want to increase their understanding of diverse cultures. We are all shaped by our social environments: the heritage of cultures, their approaches to identity and relationships and work, the diverse worldviews, and even how we perceive and think. When you consider a couple of these factors, what are you aware of concerning your own cultural formation in comparison with others whom you know?

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