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• Churches in the World

This course focuses on how the people of a congregation can engage the world missionally. As a faith community being transformed by the gospel, a church loves, does good, seeks justice, invites, and celebrates. Biblical, theological, and practical foundations will be developed to support an “incarnational” approach for the congregation’s missional life. Variations on this course are now taught by Josh Smith and Jonathan Wu.

The required textbooks are:

Mark Lau Branson & Juan Martínez, Churches, Cultures & Leadership (InterVarsity, 2011).

Samuel Escobar,  The New Global Mission (InterVarsity Press, 2003).

Bryant Myers, Walking with the Poor (Orbis, 1999).

Tetsunao Yamamori and C. René Padilla, The Local Church as an Agent of Transformation (Kairós, 2004).

Craig Van Gelder, The Ministry of the Missional Church (Baker, 2007).

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